Invader Sportsplex

Invader Sportsplex is perfect for team-centric indoor practice, instruction and game play for ‘turf-sports’ such as soccer, lacrosse, or any other ‘turf-based’ sport such as football, field hockey, cricket, baseball training, …Invader Sportsplex has two indoor turf fields up to 20m x 40m each, equipped with the latest generation of synthetic turf that looks, feels and plays like real grass.  Each field has a second floor viewing gallery for spectators.

Invader Sportsplex is suitable for both youth and adult teams & players. Competitive teams will find Invader Sportsplex an ideal place to practice or play. Recreational players and teams can enjoy game play throughout the year.

Monday – Friday
9 am – 1am

Saturday & Sunday
7 am – 1am

If you are not coming for a scheduled event, please call before coming over to make sure we are here!  


Invader Sportsplex is also open LATER and/or EARLIER whenever there is a reservation or activity scheduled. Invader Sportsplex is available for a reservation anytime between 7 am and 1 am.